One of the best things about more recent animated movies is that the scripts contain jokes that go over the kids’ heads but that their parents can quietly appreciate from the theater seat next to them. And then the kids inevitably watch the movie again years later and finally understand why it was funny — and probably inappropriate. But I still never realized this particular joke was in 2001’s Shrek, which was pointed out yesterday in a Reddit thread asking about things you realized about a movie years later. Warning: Reading this will cause your childhood to die on the spot.

User OHNO50 answered with this tidbit:

“That the name Lord Farquaad in Shrek, was really a joke for the adults that he was a fuck wad. Woosh.”

I’m sure there are at least some of you who just read that and are now declaring, “Of course I realized that! How couldn’t I?! It’s so obvious!” Well, good for you for being so sophisticated, but it went over my head, as well as the heads of some of the Reddit people. So I thought I should share the information with other innocents who also might not have realized. I guess I was too busy being proud of myself for understanding at age 11 that the little figures welcoming Shrek to Duloc almost rhymed “grass” with “ass” in their song.

Another user points out that in the Shrek musical one of the character’s “entrance pieces was called ‘Farq in A.’” As in “fuckin’ A.” Farquaad’s name was also believed to be a reference to the “far quad” at Notre Dame, where the screenwriter studied, but that might just be a myth.

Anyway, now that I’ve made sure your innocence is totally nonexistent, anyone else really jonesing to watch Shrek? Gosh, that movie’s great. And apparently extremely clever, too. Cleverer than I even realized for the past thirteen years.

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