You probably know by now that Grown Ups 2 is now playing and I hope you’re just as excited to see it in theaters as I am. Personally, I thought the first Grown Ups was hilarious to watch because it reminded me of all the funny moments I’ve had with my own crazy friends, and I’m sure the second one will give me that same relatable, delightful feeling. In Grown-Ups 2, each character has his own sense of humor and distinct personality, but with comedy as a commonplace, somehow these grown-ups mesh together to create a perfect dysfunction. (If you haven’t already, watch the trailer for Grown Ups 2 here.)

So which grown-up can you relate to the most? Here’s what your favorite grown-up says about you:

Lenny (Adam Sandler)- If Lenny is your favorite grown-up then you may enjoy being the alpha, but you won’t let it get to your head. Still, you remain family-oriented and loving. Your sense of humor helps you deal with all the malfunction that appears in your life, but you can make the best out of everything.

Eric (Kevin James)- If you favor Eric, it’s likely that your personality is a more submissive one. You’re very caring and tend to put others before yourself, which is typically a good thing but don’t forget to satisfy your own needs too. Others might call you a goofball, but you pretty much embrace it.

Kurt (Chris Rock)- Kurt is full of sarcastic remarks and if he’s your favorite, your sense of humor is made up of over-the-top characterizations. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and try to find the silver lining. You also like to put in the last word in any given situation.

Marcus (David Spade) – If you consider Marcus to be your favorite grown-up, you might be a lady’s man, or at least can appreciate that sort of lifestyle. You are care-free and love to enjoy life, usually taking the simplest yet sufficient route there is. You like taking it easy and poking fun at your friends.

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