While you were busy de-stressing from the real world this weekend, Hollywood was abuzz. Celebrities don’t ever seem to take a break from scandals and drama. But then again, if they did, we’d have nothing to read about! Don’t worry though, since you were busy this weekend decorating for the holidays, we managed to round up all of the important pop culture stories that you need to know from the weekend. There’s some bad news for fans of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

Chris Pratt served Anna Faris with divorce papers

In August 2017, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke everyone’s hearts when the announced they were separating. The couple vowed to work together to make their son, Jack, a priority in their lives. Even though they announced their separation over the summer, they hadn’t taken any legal action at the time to end their marriage until now.

Chris took the plunge and, according to legal documents obtained by People, he filed to end their eight-year marriage on Friday citing irreconcilable differences. He requested joint custody of Jack. Anna filed back quickly, asking for joint custody as well and is asking for child support. TMZ reported that the pair had a prenuptial agreement in place and are close to finalizing those details. According to documents, the separation date is listed as July 13, almost a full month before they made a public statement. There is no word yet on what the details of their prenup are, but hopefully, these two are able to work things out peacefully and continue to co-parent Jack on the best of terms.

Pink reveals she is raising her children gender neutral

Like most celebrity parents, Pink has seen her fair share of criticism for how she is raising her children. But back at this year’s MTV VMAs, she made a powerful speech dedicated to her daughter, in which she discussed the impact body image can have on children. She wanted her daughter, and everyone listening, to feel okay in their own skin. Now, she’s continuing that train of thought and she explained to People magazine that she doesn’t want to raise her children with labels. “We are a very label-less household,” Pink said of her and Carey Hart‘s parenting style to People. “Last week Willow told me she is going to marry an African woman. I was like: ‘Great, can you teach me how to make African food?’ And she’s like, ‘Sure mama, and we are going to live with you while our house is getting ready.’”

At the time of her VMAs speech, Pink told the world that her daughter Willow had called herself “the ugliest girl” she knew and said she looked like “a boy with long hair.” Which prompted the heartfelt public speech, along with Pink creating a PowerPoint slide with images of famous androgynous music icons, including David Bowie and Annie Lennox.

Lin-Manuel Miranda & his wife are expecting!

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal are expecting their second child together. The parents already have a three-year-old, Sebastian, and now they’re adding to the family. The Hamilton creator didn’t announce the big news in a statement or with a post, but in fact, the news came out when he responded to a tweet. He’d retweeted a photo on Twitter of him and Vanessa at the ES Theatre Awards on the red carpet. One person asked “is v…?” as you can see in the photo, she appears to have a pregnant belly. Lin-Manuel quickly replied “oh hell yeah.”

Since then, he’s responded to some more tweets about the pregnancy, saying about his son’s reaction to the news of becoming a big brother, “He is so impatient for it. Once, mid-tantrum, he cried, ‘When is mommy gonna HAAAATCH…’” Congratulations to the growing family!

SNL gets real with “Welcome to Hell” harassment sketch

The ladies of Saturday Night Live got real about sexual harassment in a way only SNL could. Over the last few months, ever since the Harvey Weinstein news broke, it seems that every week another powerful man is accused of being a sexual predator. The pre-taped sketch focuses on a lot of the conversation that’s come about since the Weinstein scandal, including why women “didn’t say something sooner” and how men now feel like they’ve got to walk on eggshells to avoid — you know — being a predator.
SNL cast members Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon are featured with this week’s host Saoirse Ronan in this bubblegum pink video welcoming men to the hell women have been living in for centuries. Aidy even acknowledges them coming together as a girl group saying, “This ain’t a girl group. We just travel in a group for safety.” And the comedians also sing, “Now House of Cards is ruined, and that really sucks, well here’s a list of stuff that’s ruined for us: parking, and walking, and Uber, and ponytails, and bathrobes, and night time, and drinking, and hotels, and vans.”
Leslie Jones also pops in at the end to remind everyone how it’s even worse for women of color. Get ’em girls!

T-Pain revealed the real lyrics to “Buy U A Drank”

It’s “and then” not “ooh wee” but really it’s whatever you want it to be just enjoy the song however you hear it. I just appreciate you listening. #BuyUADrank #THANX

— T-Pain (@TPAIN) November 29, 2017

If you’ve ever sung a song lyric with your entire heart behind it only to learn you didn’t know the words, then you’re in the right place. Apparently, for the last ten years, we’ve all been singing one of T-Pain’s most popular songs incorrectly.
For some reason (to destroy us all) T-Pain felt the need to share the correct lyrics to “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin)” featuring Young Joc. The part of the chorus where everyone shouts “ooh wee” is not actually “ooh wee” at all. According to the singer, who we should maybe trust given it is his song, claims the real lyric is “and then.” Many people on Twitter were quick to freak the eff out over this revelation. If you listen to the song, it really sounds like he is saying “ooh wee” but that just isn’t right. Some fans claimed on Twitter that they’ve always known the lyric was “and then” and not “ooh wee” but quite frankly, we don’t believe them…

Chrissy Teigen had the most glamorous ’60s themed birthday

Where was our invite? Chrissy Teigen’s ’60s party was full of classics from the decade and had a Pan-Am theme as well, taking place on an airplane. Only celebrities can live this fabulously! Chrissy’s famous friends came along for the ride. Kim Kardashian teased her hair and threw on her best sunglasses, enough to make Jackie O proud.

Even though it seemed to be more of an adult party, the expecting mom had her adorable daughter, Luna, there as well. You can see the sweet family photo of them with John Legend! Kanye West was even in attendance, but the rapper did not seem to dress up like his wife and opted for an all-black, simple look. “Welcome to Chrissy’s Pan Am flight! We don’t know where we’re going, we don’t know what we’re doing but we don’t care. Thank you all for dressing up, I felt like an a** for making you guys do this,” the Lip Sync Battle star said to thank her passengers. SO CUTE.

That’s all for this week’s installment of This Weekend in Pop Culture, stay tuned for a new one next Monday. Because while celebs may go stale, you can count on the gossip to always stay fresh.

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