I bet some of you are still staring at your television screens thinking over a few strange events that occurred concerning the man-bun-wearing-character, Danny Desai (Avan Jogia), on the premiere of ABC Family’s Twisted last night. Is it just me or is ABC Family becoming more like Showtime? Danny is literally on the verge of becoming the next Dexter. Is Danny a serial killer or just a misunderstood teenage boy who says creepy things unintentionally? I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but I decided the minute Danny strolled into the school hallway and back into the lives of his former friends Jo Masterson and Lacey Porter that his mustache and mun were up to no good.

First of all, I just want to note I think I’m already addicted to this show because it reminds me of Pretty Little Liars. The show begins with a flashback of Lacey and Jo playing on a swing set just as Danny pops up behind them gripping a red jump rope for dear life. We find out that the jump rope is a murder weapon that he supposedly uses to strangle his aunt while the two girls are outside.  Yep, this show is twisted alright. So why does Danny confess to killing his aunt? Well, that’s apparently the point of the show. We have NO idea what’s going through this kid’s mun, but it ain’t good so far.

When Danny returns home from the juvenile detention center, his two “best friends” from his pre-murderer phase are now members of different high school cliques. Jo rarely takes off her camo jacket and purple beanie. Not to mention her dad is the town’s sheriff. Of course he is…

But none of that scares Danny.  On his first day at school he immediately confronts his former friends with some menacing words that goes something like this:

Danny: Boo.

Jo and Lacy attempt to avoid eye contact.,

Danny: Just kidding! How are you guys? I haven’t seen you since I murdered my aunt with a jump rope! We should catch up soon!

Later that night at mean girl Regina’s party, Danny still shows up wearing a mun. Jo gets drunk after Regina encourages her with some teenage lingo I don’t understand to “twirl it, swirl it, and knock it down,” topping off her binge drinking with a body shot. Lacey sort of begins pulling the stick out of her butt and is nicer to Danny. After the party, Danny takes the now incoherent Jo back home to her sheriff dad. These kids are clearly idiots. Danny then convinces Lacey to hangout with him inside his murder house. How does he do it??? Does he threaten her with a jump rope? Nope. She caves as soon as he mentions ranch potato chips. Are you kidding me? Didn’t your mama teach you to never trust a mun! But Danny and Lacey end up having a truly deep conversation that resolves many of their friendship’s flaws:

Danny: Do you want to know what I really regret?

Lacey: Not if it’s creepy.

Duh, Lacey, nobody wants to be creeped out by a confessed murderer, but that’s why you don’t voluntarily enter his home and eat his potato chips. What’s even worse is that Danny lets his “friend” fall asleep on the floor hugging the greasy bag of chips. Forget murderer! He’s not even a gentleman! He could have easily scooped her up and put her on the bed.

By the end of the premiere we are no closer to figuring out if Danny is a cold blooded killer or covering for somebody else. All we know is that a mysterious necklace is involved and that Denise Richards plays his mom, which makes it better already for obvious Charlie Sheen reasons. My theory is that any boy with hair long enough to wear pigtails cannot be trusted. EVER.

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