Here’s a little word of advice: Never make a bet involving a tattoo unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to win the bet. Just ask Tom Hardy. The actor got a Leonardo DiCaprio tattoo after losing a bet to… Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – and there’s a photo to prove it. Two years after losing the bet, Tom kept his promise by getting a “Leo knows all” tattoo on his right bicep.

Over the weekend, a fan in San Francisco posted a selfie on Instagram with Tom, and you can clearly see the words peeking out from under his T-shirt.

His tattoo will just be a constant reminder to never make a bet like that again! Back in 2016, Leo predicted that Tom would get an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in The Revenant. However, Tom wasn’t as confident in his performance, so they made a bet that if Leo was wrong he would get a tattoo for Tom Hardy and vice versa. It turns out, ~Leo Knows All~. Tom was nominated for best supporting actor, and Leo went ahead and picked a tattoo for his co-star to sport permanently. Though Tom didn’t take home the Oscar in 2016, the bet only relied on a nomination.

Tom waited two years to get the ink and the actor said the wait was all because of Leo’s terrible handwriting. “He wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: ‘Leo knows everything.’ Ha! I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get it done, but you have to write it properly,’” Tom revealed to Esquire just after he lost the bet.

The following year, Tom was asked about the pending tattoo yet again in an interview with Vanity Fair. This time he revealed that had Leo lost the bet, he would have never permanently inked his body.

“F**ker. He would never get a tattoo if he lost that bet!” he said. “It was just one-way. I’m covered in shit tattoos anyway, so it doesn’t make any difference to me. If I got a big bold ‘Leo’ right across my thigh or across my face. It’s just that, isn’t it? You bet a tattoo, you lose. That’s what happens.”

Not only are we obsessed with Leo and Tom’s bromance, but it’ll be hilarious to see Leo’s name on Tom’s arm in his next movie, Venom. (If they don’t edit it out, of course.) He will play Eddie Brock in the new superhero movie, which is set for release on October 5, 2018. Tom will suit up to play a villain who joins forces with an alien in order to take down Spider-Man.

Tom shared a photo on Instagram of his tatted body, writing “Wrapped. Life back. Bye.”

Although there’s no sign of his “Leo knows all” tattoo in this particular pic, you can be sure that fans everywhere will be on the lookout for it from now on!

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