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The second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt doesn’t premiere on Netflix until next Friday (so close yet so far), but I’ve got a pretty great video to tide you over while you wait. On Monday night, the show’s co-creator Tina Fey and supporting star Tituss Burgess performed a Broadway duet together at the MCC Theater Miscast Gala. According to the event’s description, “Broadway’s hottest stars perform songs from roles in which they would NEVER be cast.”

During Tituss’ time on stage, Tina Fey popped up in the audience. “This isn’t the time to try and take my moment,” Tituss warned her. And of course Tina replied, “Tituss, I am your moment.” Then they broke out into a duet of the song “You’re Nothing Without Me” from the musical City of Angels. Their iconic Beyonce duet absolutely pales in comparison to this magic.

When you listen to the lyrics, you’ll understand why it’s so perfect for the two of them, as it’s an interaction between writer and character in which Tina sings lines like “You come from my inkwell” and “Your brain only holds thoughts I put in there.” Tituss sings back, “Your pen is no match for my sword.” Then they both sing to each other, “You’re nothing without me.” So meta. Much awesome. I’m nerding out over here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Tina’s singing voice, I’m delighted to inform you that it’s actually pretty great. If you’re only familiar with “Night Cheese” and “Somebody Bring Me Some Ham,” you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised when you hear her. You’re also going to enjoy her and Tituss’ sweet dance moves. If only they had also sung the Kimmy Schmidt theme song together, it would have been perfect. A miracle, even!

(Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImage)

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