Taylor Swift is 100% over her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal – and she confirmed it by revealing that the song she wrote about him no longer makes her feel sad. “All Too Well,” which was featured on her 2012 album Red, is allegedly about her relationship and breakup with the actor. At the time, she was so torn up and heartbroken over the split that she would often cry while playing the song during her Red Tour. But now, Taylor said she feels completely different about it thanks to her fans.

During a special Chicago concert, which will be available to watch on Taylor Swift NOW, the “Shake It Off” singer revealed that the song brings her happiness and makes her feel proud.

“You know it’s interesting, looking back on writing a lot of songs about my life because when I first play it live, I’m obviously thinking about that experience that I had that inspired the song,” she explained, adding that her perspective has changed over time. “When I play a certain song, [it] changes from being about a person that was in my life, or an experience I had originally, and it kind of morphs into like, times I’ve played the song and heard you singing it back super loud.”

She went on to say that “All Too Well” was one of those songs that brought her a lot of pain – or as Taylor described it, “It was like ahhhggghhh, owww” – but that feeling has changed.

“I think of the times I’ve played it in a stadium or an arena or my living room with you guys screaming the words back to me,” she continued. “I wanted to thank you for changing it because it’s kind of nice to sing a song that you’re proud of, but not feel pain while you sing it.”

Read her sentimental speech below:

Taylor introducing “All Too Well” at the @ATT #TaylorSwiftNOW Chicago fan event earlier this year pic.twitter.com/MXGOOAUwth

— Taylor Swift Updates (@TSUpdatesNYBU) August 29, 2018

Taylor and Jake, who dated from October to December 2010, may have only lasted a couple of months, but he still meant a lot to her. At the time, Us Weekly reported that part of why they split was because he didn’t want to get serious. “Jake just told her it wasn’t working out,” a source said. “Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn’t know what she did for him to put a stop to it.

Then she released her hit single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” widely suspected to be about Jake, followed by “All Too Well,” which told a sadder story – and one that suggested he broke her heart. With lyrics like “you call me up again just to break me like a promise / so casually cruel in the name of being honest,” it’s impossible to listen to it without shedding a tear. It’s heartbreaking and still has us wondering what really happened between them.

As much as we love a good sad Taylor Swift song, we’re glad that she’s in such a great place RN.

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