Premiere Of Open Road's 'Triple 9' - Arrivals

Breaking Bad was an intense show and rightfully so had some intense fans to go with it. Something star Aaron Paul learned all about when a few fans decided to be like “Let’s go crash Jesse Pinkman’s wedding. That’ll be fun. Hope Mr. White’s there.” (I’m just assuming that was their inner monologue). Aaron told James Corden all about his wedding crashers on The Late Late Show saying, “We didn’t know it happened until we started looking through photos of our wedding and we saw these three strangers. We had a 1920s Parisian carnival wedding and these people were just in basic wedding attire, and they just stood out like a sore thumb.”

Knowing that, I’m a little surprised no one called the crashers during the actual wedding. Sure it’s easy to get swept up in the magic of a 1920s Parisian carnival wedding (your artsy friend’s favorite Pinterest board) but no one was like is that dude wearing a polo shirt and dockers with anyone? Why doesn’t that women have a flapper headband and pearls like everyone else?

The crashers did have enough sense to follow at least one important wedding crasher rule- “Blend in by standing out.” Aaron explains that “This one girl almost caught [wife] Lauren’s bouquet. She dove for it — violently dove. You could tell on her face that she was going to get it, but she didn’t get it. She was close.” Yep that’s definitely one way to stand out. Unfortunately for the crashers, looks like Aaron is pretty damn happy with his wife Lauren, so there won’t be anymore future weddings to crash. Maybe a baby shower or two, but this time they really need to remember to dress on theme.


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