Even though, deep in our hearts, we’re still not over the fact that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling‘s Notebook relationship didn’t last forever, we’re still pretty happy for her now that it seems a very important chapter in her life has begun. Reportedly, Rachel welcomed her baby boy into the world recently, so major congratulations are in order for this new mama.

Although Rachel has yet to share the news herself, according to People, she somehow managed to give birth without the rest of the world finding out — something she deserves some kind of trophy for. In paparazzi photos from the Hollywood Pipeline, Rachel and boyfriend Jamie Linden were spotted walking together while Jamie was holding a newborn. It makes sense that the newborn in question would be his… even if there’s literally no more information out there about what could be going on here.

In the (pretty low quality, TBH) photos, Jamie can be seen smiling at the baby in his arms, whose face is blurred out! We’re just dying to know what that cutie looks like. Hollywood Pipeline added that the photo was taken while the couple was leaving a lunch date, and that they were reportedly overheard calling him a “good baby” and talking about how well he sleeps, which is awesome for these new parents, because sleep with a newborn is key… and usually very hard to come by.

Unfortunately, though, it seems these photos may be the only information we get about Rachel’s little one for awhile. After all, news that she was pregnant didn’t even come out until just a couple of months ago, toward the end of her pregnancy, and her and Jamie’s relationship has never actually been officially confirmed, even though they’ve been together since 2016.

For now? Curiosity lives on, and that probably won’t change, because this actress is notoriously good at keeping her private life private. It’s awesome that she’s managed to strike that balance, but for the rest of us who are dying for baby intel? Yeah, not so good.

It’s obviously a really exciting time for Rachel, though, now that she’s started that journey into motherhood. Maybe soon, she’ll feel comfortable with sharing baby photos and a few details — like what his name is, to start… and maybe even what she thinks about Mean Girls taking on new life on Broadway, while she’s at it. We want to know everything.

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