Mya, also known as that singer you loved in high school and seemingly fell off the face of the earth after that one Moulin Rouge song, has emerged from obscurity to deny she’s the the subject of Beyonce‘s recently updated song lyrics. When asked via Instagram (is it just me or does it seem like a lot of salacious celebrity stories are unfolding via Instagram?) if she was Jay-Z‘s “side chick” (gross), Mya sounded off:

“Never did, never was, never will. Illegitimate, thirsty sources with no facts and that’s the “media” for you—especially today. I play second do no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage way too much for nonsense. False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter the attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives. If they did it to Jesus, they’ll do it to anyone. God Bless.”

Gurrrl. Really though?  You had to compare yourself to Jesus?  I didn’t even know he possibly slept with Jay-Z!  I know this is mostly another celebrity tirade against The Almighty Media, but I couldn’t help but think she was getting some digs in at Beyonce as well.  “Miserable, unhappy people” kind of suggests to me that she doesn’t appreciate Beyonce’s attention-seeking concert behavior, even though Mya wasn’t named directly.  It left a lot up for speculation, and clearly lots of people thought of her right away.

Jay and Bey might be on tour together, and they might be in marriage counseling, and they might still represent an “idea” celebrity couple to millions of people.  But they’re human, first and foremost, and let’s get real: Solange wasn’t flipping out in that elevator because her brother-in-law wore the wrong shoes with his tux.  If they want people to stop talking about it and move on, perhaps making everyone’s eyebrows raise over your lyrics isn’t the way to go.

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