As I’m sure you already know and have liked approximately a million Facebook statuses about, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar on Sunday. You might think that, having waited so many years and poured his heart and soul into so many roles and sat through so many losses, Leo would never let that golden statue out of his sight ever again. But according to TMZ, that’s not the case.

The site has video of Leo partying after his win Sunday night. Yes, there is vaping involved. But the most important moment comes when he leaves Ago restaurant in West Hollywood and forgets to take his Oscar with him. Surprisingly, he doesn’t immediately turn around to retrieve it and then walk casually out of the restaurant like he totally meant to do that. (You know, like Kim Kardashian leaving North West in a Paris hotel.) Rather, someone has to run out to the car and hand it to him. And even then, Leo doesn’t take it himself but instead has the guy hand it to Dan in the front seat.

I think I know why this happened, you guys. Even thought it seems like Leo would never be without his Oscar by his side ever again, he was probably just so used to not having one that remembering to take it with him isn’t programmed into his brain yet. Whenever Leo has left anywhere in the past, he’s probably thought to himself, “Keys, wallet, phone, no Oscar. Got it,” and walked out the door. Things are different now, and he has to get used to it. Like when you start working eyebrows into your beauty routine after years of ignoring them, and for a few weeks you keep forgetting to do them out of habit. Eyebrows or Oscars, it’s the same idea.

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