It’s official: Everyone’s favorite reality TV villain will be back on our television screens before we know it! Kristin Cavallari is set to star in her very own reality show called Very Cavallari – and it might be the answer to all our prayers! Though fans desperately wanted a The Hills or Laguna Beach reunion to happen, Kristin’s new show will absolutely do. Especially since she recently revealed that Spencer and Heidi Pratt have pulled the plug on any reunion plans right now.

Though she’ll be far away from California, the show will follow Kristin’s life in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Jay Cutler, as she launches a store for her jewelry line, Uncommon James. According to a statement made by E!, here’s what it’ll be about:

“Our audience has followed Kristin from The Hills to E’s Red Carpet and will now get a view into her life as entrepreneur and lifestyle tastemaker. We will see Kristin push herself as a boss of a new and expanding brand while combating the pressure to succeed. She will be challenged with juggling her staff of strong-willed employees, making time for her husband, newly retired football player, Jay Cutler, and remaining an active mom to her three kids.”

Sounds pretty great, right? The show is set to premiere this summer, which means filming must be underway right now. It’s unclear if Kristin’s children will be featured on the show (since she’s known for not posting any of their faces on her social media), but it we’ll just have to wait to find out.

We shouldn’t hold our breath considering she recently told Spencer and Heidi that she would never put her kids on a reality show. However, she did say she’d be totally open to involving them in her business (AKA a kids fashion line) if the opportunity presented itself.

So what does this mean for The Hills and the possibility of a reunion? Well, we’ll all have to put a pin in it for now – at least until enough of the OG cast members are down to do it. During an interview on Sirius XM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show this week, Kristin told Jenny McCarthy that she wanted to get back together with her Hills co-star, but plans ultimately fell threw.

“Truth be told, they were trying to get us all together,” she said. “Then two people pulled out.” So when Jenny safely assumed she was referring to Speidi, Kristin said “no comment.” However, it didn’t take her long to let us in on a few more details. “They have another contract so they’re not able to do it,” she revealed, before jokingly adding, “I’m spilling all the beans today.”

Heidi later confirmed Kristin’s comments by replying to Perez Hilton‘s tweet – who called them out for telling him they both wanted to do the reunion but Lauren Conrad was keeping it from happening.

Like @KristinCav said it’s a contract thing… we want one!

— Heidi Montag (@heidimontag) April 3, 2018

We wonder what these two have in store for us. Perhaps their own reality show? Time will definitely tell, but for now, we have Very Cavallari to look forward to!

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