Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard continue to prove that celebrity parenthood can be just like regular people parenthood, if you really set your mind to it and refrain from selling your baby’s pictures to the highest bidder and using other people’s children to get ratings for your talk show. I know it must be incredibly hard to control those things, but they continue to be superheroes. They’re keeping their daughter Lincoln out of the spotlight until she decides she wants to be in it, and they talk about her with the kind of loving words that make you want to have a baby of your own — or at least build one out of Legos or something. I don’t know, I heard somebody did that once. Stop asking!

It turns out Kristen and Dax are even the epitome of chill about their daughter’s name. Last night Kristen stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and gushed about how “delicious” little Lincoln is. Usually I’d be wary about people describing babies in food terms, but Kristen’s use of the word is gosh darn cute. I don’t suspect her of cannibalism in the slightest. What an accomplishment, right? Jay asks if the name Lincoln was inspired by the president or the car, which sadly is probably a relevant question, since I’m sure at least one celebrity has named their baby after a car, or at least considered it. Turns out it was just a result of laziness. That’s right. Kristen channeled her favorite animal, the sloth, and was just a lazybones about the name.

As Kristen explains, she and Dax got a boy vibe from their baby before she was born (much like I got a girl vibe from the royal baby, and still have to pause for a second before using pronouns — I’m dealing with it), and since Dax always wanted to name his first son Lincoln, they just decided to stick with it. Simple as that. What’s that I’m feeling? It’s Kristen Bell’s chillness wafting through the computer screen. While I go grab a cardigan, enjoy Kristen’s explanation below.

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