If you’ve been weighing your options for favorite celebrity couple, making pro-and-con lists and analyzing red carpet poses to determine who is most adorable, you can put an official end to your search, because Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are going to win the top spot as soon as you see their new commercial. It’s for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and when I say it’s adorable, I mean it’s adorable. As in can’t-stop-smiling-because-it’s-just-so-darn-cute adorable. Is it enough to get me to buy a tablet? Meh. But it’s enough to make me want them to adopt me, so there’s that.

The commercial shows them going about their day, using their tablets to assist in their cuteness. They do everything from check the weather in bed to video chat with each other from different rooms. At one point Kristen sings while flossing her teeth, and Dax does a terrible British accent. You should also keep in mind that Kristen is pregnant with her second baby right now, so all of this cuteness is accented — and made even more cute, if you can believe it — by her baby bump. And also by her pregnancy cravings and emotional reactions to cute Internet videos.

If I ever sign up for a dating website and it asks me what I’m looking for in a relationship, I’m just going to embed this video and leave it at that. Every company in existence should take note and cast these two in their advertising. It might not be enough to get my to buy the thing right away, but who knows? After I’ve watch it fifty more times today (which I’m totally planning, by the way), the product might have seeped into my subconscious enough that I’ll just go to the store and pick one up without even realizing. And then I’ll use it to watch the commercial again.

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