Allow me to start this post in my trailer voice by saying IN A WORLD… where celebrities’ every move is documented for our entertainment, one woman managed to do something out of the spotlight. That something was get married. That woman was Kerry Washington. Okay, trailer voice over. This morning we have the big news that Scandal star Kerry Washington married 49ers player Nnamdi Asomugha in a top-secret wedding last month. E! News obtained the marriage certificate and reported the blessed news. The wedding took place on June 24 in Hailey, Idaho, and the couple had reportedly been dating for a year. Kerry’s parents signed the certificate as witnesses and Nnamdi’s sister, a minister, officiated the ceremony.

I’m a fan of this story, because, in addition to loving espionage, I also love it when celebrities manage to partake in major life events without an endorsement deal or a swarm of helicopters taking aerial photos or a magazine publishing multi-million-dollar pictures. And these two even managed to keep their relationship and engagement under the radar. No disappearing and reappearing engagement rings, no wedding postponements, no coy responses to marriage questions. Just get in there, get married, and get out. Poof! You’re married now, and it was easy as pie. It’s honestly pretty impressive that a celebrity couple managed something like that, given that paparazzi and tabloids seem to experience a disturbance in the Force whenever a quasi-famous person even thinks the word “marriage.” You’re sitting in your house minding your own celebrity business, reading a nice book, and you come across the word “marriage” on page 147. Suddenly flashbulbs are going off all around you and people are yelling, “Who’s the lucky guy? Where’s the ring? How much did it cost? When is it happening? Are you having cold feet yet?” So props to Kerry and Nnamdi for avoiding that. I’m sure getting married in Idaho didn’t hurt.

However, if Kerry wore a wedding dress, I’m slightly bummed I didn’t get to see it, since she has such killer style. Ah well, I guess I’m willing to sacrifice some dress-ogling so Kerry can have her privacy. You’re welcome, Kerry.

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