I watched the first episode of Fuller House on Netflix this morning, and all I can say is that if you liked Full House, you’ll love it. It’s pretty much the exact same show, except with more cell phones and Donald Trump jokes. It could also be cut down by at least five minutes if the studio audience’s reactions were removed (so many woos).

There are of course plenty of meta references to the revival itself, including a big one about the Olsen twins’ absence, because John Stamos refuses to let go. (Seriously dude, why are you so obsessed with them?) At one point early in the episode, Stephanie asks where her little sister is, and Danny replies, “Well, Michelle sends her love but she’s busy in New York running her fashion empire.” Cue everyone in the scene staring directly into the camera for an uncomfortable amount of time (see above).

John Stamos told People that the joke was his idea. (NO WAY!)

“I thought, let’s just be simple and look at the camera. And it’s not a dis by any means. I just thought it was funny to go, ‘We get it, too.’”

We know you get it, John. You’re the original getter. You practically invented the getting.

And apparently, in another take, things got even more meta. So meta, in fact, that it wasn’t really even meta at all. It was just John Stamos being salty. According to People, in a take where the cast was ad-libbing jokes, Uncle Jesse shouts “One episode!” about Michelle not being there. Then he gets a phone call and jokes, “It’s the twins’ lawyer.” I imagine the audience must have had a collective heart attack from how hard they laughed over that one.

Also, kind of unrelated, but what do I have to do to look like Lori Loughlin? I don’t mean when I’m Lori Loughlin’s age. I mean now.

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