This is probably the most hilarious thing we’ve ever seen. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night, James Franco’s co-star Zoey Deutch opened up about her experience with working with the actor in the 2016 comedy Why Him?. In it, she plays his love interest and obviously the two shared quite a few smooches. It turns out, he’s not as good a kisser as you may have previously thought. She brutally revealed that kissing him was “meh” and that his breath is definitely not good. Ouch! She hit right him where it hurts and had literally no shame while doing it!

When a viewer question came in asking Zoey to describe James’s kissing style, we never expected the response she gave! The actress could only respond with a “meh” and an unenthusiastic look on her face. THAT’S IT! Nothing more. “Really, not great?” host Andy Cohen asked. “No,” Zoey replied, but when Andy tried to press her to explain why it wasn’t so great, she wouldn’t give many other details. He then asked her whether the kiss was “not memorable” and Zoey confirmed, “Very not memorable.”

We told you she was savage! But there’s more. When asked, “How was the breath?” she had the exact same “Meh” reaction, even taking things one step further in saying, “Actually, not good.”

You can watch below to see the interaction we’re sure will haunt James for years:

If you’re wondering why Zoey was so ready to bash James’s kissing skills on live TV, it’s probably due to the fact that she has publicly supported the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. In other words, Zoey doesn’t care if James is offended by her comments. In January, five women came forward including Violet Paley and James’s ex-student Sarah Tither-Kaplan with accusations after James wore a Time’s Up pin at the 2018 Golden Globes. When the allegations surfaced, Zoey re-tweeted several posts about his alleged misconduct. Then, in an interview with the New York Post, she said she was “proud and in awe” of the people who’ve come forward with their claims against her former co-star.

She also opened up to Bustle in February, telling the website that she was “shocked” at his denial. “I was so shocked that his public statement was that he believed and wanted to empower all the women that come out, but that the ones that are coming out about him are not true,” she said.

James denied the allegations and has pretty much been MIA ever since. Now, we’re wondering if Zoey’s public bashing might get him to come out of hiding. Though we doubt it, we gotta give Zoey HUGE props for not shying away from spilling major tea about James’s kissing abilities.

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