Last night Henry Cavill stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live in his best Gryffindor tie to talk about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In particular, he told Jimmy about an experiment he did on Instagram recently to try to prove that Clark Kent really could avoid being recognized as Superman, even though his costume doesn’t have a mask and he just throws a pair of glasses on in his everyday life. The way Henry chose to prove this was by standing in the middle of Times Square, right under the billboards with his face on them, wearing a Superman T-shirt. And nobody recognized him.

Meeeeh. I see what Henry’s trying to do here, and I admire his effort, but I’m not really buying this argument. What would have been more convincing would have been for Jimmy to send Henry out on one of those fake news reporter missions to interview people on the street. But without the disguises that people like Drake and Miley Cyrus have worn for similar segments. Just that Superman shirt and his frighteningly beautiful face. If nobody said, “Hey, you’re Superman,” then maybe I’d buy it.

As it is, it sounds like it was just a bunch of New Yorkers who couldn’t care less about him. I mean, people didn’t exactly love Man of Steel, Henry. Jimmy asks why he didn’t wear the glasses, and Henry thinks they just would have made him even less recognizable, whereas Jimmy thinks the opposite. But anyway, it’s not just strangers who don’t realize Clark is Superman. It’s also people he interacts with on a daily basis. And I’m pretty sure Henry’s loved ones would recognize him in that T-shirt. Kaley Cuoco would tooootally recognize him, for sure. Sorry, Henry. You get an A for effort.

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