In news so exciting that the Crushable team’s walking around in celebratory diapers, Emily Blunt (net worth $25 million) and John Krasinski (net worth $75 million) are expecting their very first baby! While there are lots of wonderful celebrities walking Hollywood right now with potentially wonderful fetuses in their belly, this one has us really jazzed. In fact when I read the headline out to Alexis, she literally slammed the desk in excitement. Then she pulled out her pack of celebratory diapers and the rest is history.

Even though our crack OBGYN team’s usually able to announce these pregnancies months (even years) in advance by carefully studying hand-on-belly placement and bloat-in-belly-syndrome, they totally messed this one up. According to Us Weekly, Em’s due in just a few months. Do you know how many signs we missed on this? Approximately 5-6 months worth of them. Quickly someone go to Google and tell me when she started wearing looser-fitting tops? If that didn’t start today, we failed. As a country. Then again this couple’s always excelled at flying under the radar — which (pause for a heart swoon) only makes us love them more.

So rather than focusing on horrible we — as a country — are at our job of public pregnancy predicting, let’s talk about this baby. Thanks to genetics, it will be adorable. Thanks to its mother, it will have a slight British accent. And thanks to its father, it will be the first infant who can nonchalantly mug for the camera.

Even though we’ll never meet the baby (or the parents), we’re incredibly excited for this awesome couple to start their family. Congrats to Emily and John!

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