As a rule, I hate blanket statements and every single person who makes them, but I’m about to briefly join that populace as I say:there has never been and shall never be a Hollywood couple more private than Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. These two speak about each other to the media so infrequently that I’m not even 100% convinced that they know they’re married to each other.

Whereas most celebrities say they want to live outside the glare of the media but make absolutely no adjustments in their life to try to make that a reality, Daniel and Rachel are seriously putting their money where their mouths are. Except I don’t even know where their mouths are, because they open them so rarely to talk.

You guys I’m just kidding. I’m not an idiot; I know where their mouths are. But only because I just saw Daniel Craig open his to make the following statement about working with Rachel on their current project, a play they’ll both be starring in called Betrayal.

“What’s interesting about the play is that it’s very intense, and a very intense thing to do, but we manage to go home and just sort of leave it there at work. I think otherwise it would be too difficult to do. … We don’t talk to each other about it, no. We separate about it. You know, she gets on with her thing, and I get on with my thing. And we decided to do that because it’s important to be separate entities when you’re at work.”

I mean, do we work together, yes, I believe so, but I only know that from context clues in the questions I get asked from the media. Rachel and I have never specifically discussed it, persay, out of respect for the relationship I’m told we’re engaged in. We try not to make eye contact or reveal anything about the nature of our marriage unless we’re safely behind closed doors in our own home with the shades drawn and all the lights out. And once we are home, we don’t talk about anything that happened at work…so I honestly had no idea at all what Rachel got up to all day until someone pointed out that we’re working on the same project.

No but seriously, kudos to these two for keeping the private stuff private. I’ll admit that it only makes me more curious not to know, but I have complete respect for the way they control the flow of information about their personal life.

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