Hooray! We’ve got another baby bump brewing in Hollywood and it’ll be attached to one of our favorite feminists, Mindy Kaling of The Office and The Mindy Project fame. While the actress told Yahoo! Style in 2015 that she won’t “actively plan [a pregnancy], but if it happens, it would happen,” it seems that’s exactly what happened. According to Radar, “Mindy doesn’t know who the father is.” Sounds like a plot right out of her TV show.
Considering the question marks in the “father” category of this pregnancy news, fans are obviously speculating (and keeping their fingers crossed) about who the other half responsible for this bundle of joy may be. From former co-stars to state senators and more: here are the possibilities for Mindy’s baby daddy:

Senator Cory Booker

You are making my day! Thanks for the clarification. And If the ❤️is really mutual… Come have dinner with me in Newark? #PleaseSayYes ?? https://t.co/fI9IYJYZEX

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) March 23, 2017

The two had a flirty Twitter exchange back in March where the Senator asked the writer/actress to come have dinner with him in New York and she agreed. He even sent a Lyft to pick her up! There were heart-emoji involved. It was serious.
Afterward, Cory tried to backtrack on the date-likeness of it all telling Vanity Fair, “Well, first of all, don’t read too into it about ‘asking out.’ I want to sort of take the romantic aspect out of it and talk more about how she’s amazing.” That said, he said she was Lyft-worthy… COME ON.

BJ Novak

This one’s kind of who everyone is hoping for because — you know — HOW FREAKING CUTE IT WOULD BE. BJ and Mindy dated back in 2005 until 2007 and the two have remained seriously tight friends. They’re even writing a book together so you know they’ve been spending some quality time on the one-on-one. They have definitely reached BFF status, despite their breakup way back when, and prefer to call their relationship “soup snakes” — which ~real fans~ know means “soul mates.” While it’s possible that things got romantic again like they were ten years ago, maybe both of them decided to have a baby platonically together? Either way, it’s a solid option.

No Father: IVF, Baby!

Another solid option. Nowadays, strong and powerful women don’t need a man to start their family. In-Vitro Fertalization has proven effective for couples who have trouble getting pregnant, as well as for women who choose to do parenthood alone. Mindy can handle it, so we would be silly to rule this option out. Sure, two years ago she said she wouldn’t actively try to have a baby (and this is ‘active,’ to say the least) but a lot can change in two years. Mindy is 38-years-old with a solid career. It’s kind of the perfect time.

This is another one of Mindy’s exes. As many of us know from personal experience, exes tend to find their way back into your life in the strangest ways. The two broke up in 2012 but hey — anything is possible.

Chris Messina

Co-star romances are nothing new, but this one would be pretty shocking considering her Mindy Project love interest has a couple kids already with his current partner, Jennifer Todd. We’re gonna say this option is unlikely — in fact, we’ll be pissed if it’s true.

Bryan Greenberg

The stud from One Tree Hill made a comeback in Mindy’s Hulu show and plays her current love interest which has lead some to believe the chemistry may have spilled over to an off-camera affair. That said, an affair is exactly what this one would be because Bry got married in 2015 and the two are cute AF together.

Literally anyone else in the world

Mindy’s never really been someone to share the personal deets about her life publicly, so it’s very possible that if she has been dating someone non-famous — the two have been flying under the radar for some time now.

Whoever it may (or may not) be, we’re super stoked that there will be a new celebrity baby in town for us to fawn over!

Who do you think the baby’s father is? Is it even any of our business? Let us know in the comments below!

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