It’s finally fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are brewing, the leaves are turning, and Netflix is adding a bunch of shows and movies to cuddle up with. With that comes sadness as we say goodbye to some of our favorite TV shows, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, and One Tree Hill, to name a few. Plus, once again we are leaving Leonardo DiCaprio behind as we say part ways with Titanic. That movie comes and goes from Netflix all the time though, so we’re sure it’s just a matter of time before it’s back available to stream.

We’re doing our best to embrace the change, even if it means swapping out our fave Leo flick. October calls for some darker shows and movies so don’t mind if we sit at home all Hallowee-kend to binge watch the much anticipated Stranger Things 2, right after watching Donnie Darko. For obvious reasons, we will not be watching Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life. Honestly, is anybody tuning into that?

Here are 22 shows and movies we’re excited to watch on Netflix this October.

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song is a teen comedy musical film starring one of our PLL faves, Lucy Hale. This is the third movie in the series following, Another Cinderella Story with our girl Selena Gomez. But TBH, we preferred the original to any version made after. How could you possibly beat a young Chad Michael Murray? Luckily, we’ve already watched that since it came to the streaming service in August.

When to watch: October 1st

Before Midnight

Before Midnight is the third romantic drama in the series following Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The story picks up nine years later when Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy spend the summer together in Greece. The two take the time to reminisce about their lives together, acknowledging the struggles of a real life love story. Not going to lie, this movie series is one of the most romantic in history.

When to watch: October 1st

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond is a war film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou. The two join forces on the quest to recover a gem that can change their lives. The adventure that ensues is nothing short but thrilling. Plus, the movie adds thought as to where the sparkly diamond on your ring finger may have came from. I mentioned Leo already, right?

When to watch: October 1st

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming to Netflix at the beginning of the month. As a reminder, this is the somewhat creepy version with an eccentric Johnny Depp. Admittedly it’s been awhile since I’ve watched this one so it’s definitely on my list. Plus, the chocolate factory gets me excited for cheap Halloween candy at the grocery store.

When to watch: October 1st

The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story

This Netflix Original reveals new footage and details from the encounter between the world’s most wanted drug lord, a Hollywood star, and one of Mexico’s most famous actresses. The actress, Kate del Castillo, tells her side of the story. Last year, America learned her name when Rolling Stone announced that she and Sean Penn had conducted a secret interview with the drug lord just a day after his arrest. We’re thrilled to hear her story.

When to watch: October 20th

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Another Netflix Original coming in October is The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. The documentary focuses on transgender icon, Marsha P. Johnson, who founded STAR (Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries), along with Sylvia Rivera. The film re-examines the death of Marsha in 1992 which was originally ruled a suicide, but many believe she was murdered. Marsha and Sylvia started a revolution that changed the way we discuss gender today and we can’t wait to learn more.

When to watch: October 6th

Donnie Darko

We are hoping the more we watch this Jake Gyllenhaal drama, the more we are able to understand it. Simply put, the troubled teen is bothered by a man in a rabbit suit who manipulates him to commit crimes. The entire journey he takes is confusing and mind-bending. Nevertheless, we believe one day we will get it.

When to watch: October 11th

The Fosters: Season 5

The Fosters is about Freeform classic about a wholesome family lead by two lesbian mothers. After the parents decide to take in two foster children in season one, the show forces people to question what makes up a family (and if it’s totally weird for a foster brother and sister to be in love with each other). The Fosters covers every life lesson we’ve learned the hard way, with break-ups, relationships, hook-ups, and high school — and we’re psyched to see the story continue on season five.

When to watch: October 5th

The Hateful Eight

You can never have enough Quentin Tarantino on Netflix. The Hateful Eight will join Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, and Jackie Brown. This one is just as gory and jam-packed as the rest. A group of bounty hunters and prisoners join with four strangers to find shelter from a blizzard.

When to watch: October 25th

Haters Back Off: Season 2

YouTuber, Miranda Sings, is transitioning back to Netflix for the second season of her weirdly hilarious show. The absurdity centers around Miranda Sings, an overconfident performer who wants to become YouTube famous. The story closely follows Colleen Ballinger from her first video to the time one of her videos becomes viral.

When to watch: October 20th

I Love You, Man

When it comes to movies about bromance, this one takes the cake. Paul Rudd needs a best man at his wedding and who better than Jason Segel to do the honors? They’ve just gotta become friends first. The rom-com is incredibly genuine and heartwarming. We’re pleased to see this dynamic duo coming to Netflix.

When to watch: October 1st

Made of Honor

We love this rom com when we’re in the mood for a cheesy one. Patrick Dempsey is in love with his best friend who’s engaged to another man (and another former Grey’s Anatomy star). Of course, Dempsey thinks that by becoming her maid of honor he can win her over and stop the wedding. The movie pairs well with red wine and chocolate.

When to watch: October 1st

We love this rom com when we’re in the mood for a cheesy one. Patrick Dempsey is in love with his best friend who’s engaged to another man (and another former Grey’s Anatomy star). Of course, Dempsey thinks that by becoming her maid of honor he can win her over and stop the wedding. The movie pairs well with red wine and chocolate.

When to watch: October 1st

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

This Netflix Original comedy-drama stars Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. We’re excited to see the film after it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and received a four minute standing ovation. The movie follows the lives of a family gathering in New York to celebrate the artistic work of their father. The perfect story to get you mentally prepared for those holiday family gatherings.

When to watch: October 13th

Miss Congeniality

This movie might be at the top of our list of excitement. It’s the Sandra Bullock classic we know and love. Miss Congeniality tells the hilarious story of an FBI agent going undercover as a contestant at a beauty pageant that’s under a terrorist threat. Despite being the least amount of girly-girl, we rooted for Sandra the entire competition.

When to watch: October 1st

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

After we’re finished watching the first, we will gracefully move into the sequel. As most sequels go… we generally preferred the first, but by no means will we avoid this on Netflix. After gaining notoriety from the pageant, Sandra Bullock’s character is done being an FBI agent. However once again, she is sent to go undercover — this time in Las Vegas.

When to watch: October 1st

The Mist: Season 1

The Mist is re-imagined for TV, based on the novel by Stephen King. The story follows a family that is torn apart by a small town crime. The “mist” essentially unleashes creatures into the street cutting the family off from the rest of the world. The show didn’t receive amazing reviews but if it give us something to binge on Netflix, we’re all for trying new things.

When to watch: October 24th

Must Love Dogs

We added this one to the list because we have the same requirements — our significant other must love dogs. In this rom-com a 40-something teacher tries online dating in an effort to move on from her divorce. Because her sister set up her site to say that a dog lover is mandatory, she, herself, must borrow a furry friend to find herself a man. Ironically, her prospective date does the same thing. As you can imagine, from there the romance unfolds.

When to watch: October 1st

Schitt’s Creek: Season 3

Schitt’s Creek is the story of two parents who lose everything after a business deal goes wrong. The family is forced to learn what it’s like to leave their spoiled lifestyle behind them. We are happy to know that the show has already been renewed for a fourth season so our binge won’t come to a permanent end once we’ve swallowed up the third season in like, a weekend.

When to watch: October 5th

She Makes Comics

We are all about any girl power. She Makes Comics is a documentary about the history of women in an industry where not too many exist: comic books. The filmmakers conduct interviews in several cities to speak with important people from the industry since the beginning of it in the early 1900s. We are fascinated to learn more about a media we, personally, don’t know too much about — all from the people and fans who shaped the whole thing.

When to watch: October 15th

Sleeping with Other People

This movie tells the story of two people with commitment issues forming a platonic relationship. Twelve years after a one-night-stand, the two try and deny their mutual attraction for each other. Both likable leads, Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie, are enough for us to check out the romantic comedy on Netflix.

When to watch: October 2nd

Stranger Things 2

This is by far the most anticipated season premiere on our list. We are beyond excited to revisit the Upside Down, right in time for Halloween. The trailer shows Will being haunted again by the demons that once took him over. No one is safe from the Upside Down, where we last left off with Eleven in season one.

When to watch: October 27th

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Oh yes, the ballad of Ricky Bobby. If you don’t already know, the movie surrounds NASCAR superstar, Ricky Bobby and his quest to regain status after losing to French Formula One champion Jean Girard. Ricky Bobby is played by none other than Will Ferrell, making the entire thing incredibly quotable and laughable. We find the movie a lot more entertaining than sitting down to watch NASCAR races so it’s a must see.

When to watch: October 13th

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