It’s summer, which means breaking out the bathing suit and hitting up the pool or hanging with friends at the beach. But what about when you’ve had enough fun and sun? Finding a little downtime to loaf on the couch and watch TV seems like a good plan, until you remember it’s summer and TV show options are limited until the fall. *cries*

Never fear, you actually do have options. And some really solid choices, too. Check out the rundown of 18 TV shows you should be watching this summer:

1. So You Think You Can Dance

Call it a guilty pleasure or required summer viewing, but SYTYCD is the perfect talent competition to get you through some of the other dull TV offerings before fall. It’s not too late to pick up on SYTYCD…the last audition episode aired July 10 and then the top 10 contestants will be announced. Airs Mondays on FOX at 8 p.m.

2. Celebrity Family Feud

There are still a few episodes of the celebrity edition of Family Feud left, airing Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC. There will be match-ups of sports stars, a boy band vs. girl group face-off, and plenty of comedians to answer the wacky questions, so check it out.

3. Hollywood Game Night

It doesn’t get any more entertaining than Hollywood Game Night. Hosted by Jane Lynch, a new batch of celebs sit down to play games each week and we guarantee you’ll totally get sucked in. Tune in Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC for all the fun you can handle.

4. Candy Crush

This is not a joke. Candy Crush, that well-loved mobile game, is now a live-action game show. You know this is going to be mindless TV entertainment, but ultimately pretty fun. It’s on Sundays on CBS at 9/8c and began July 9.

5. Will

Some go to Shakespeare in the Park during the warmer months, but now you can take advantage of the Summer Shakespeare trend with this TNT show. Find out how William Shakespeare became a household name back in the day with the new drama series, Will. Airs Mondays on TNT at 9/8c, premiering July 10.

6. Battle of the Network Stars

This show reigned supreme waaayyy back in the day (like 20 years ago), but with old classics getting reboots left and right, why not bring back this rivalry between TV celebs and see if it can have another life in modern times? Hey, it’s worth a look, at least … check it out on ABC, Thursdays at 9 p.m..

7. Raven’s Home

Speaking of modern reboots, it’s the That’s So Raven spin-off that has people talking. You never really knew you wanted it but now that it exists, how could you possibly miss it? Check out Raven’s Home starting on July 21 at 10/9c on Disney Channel.

8. Shark Week

What’s summer without Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, honestly? It all kicks off on Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m. with the ultimate match-up, Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White.

9. Game of Thrones

You’ve been patient and now you will be rewarded…the new season of Game of Thrones may only be seven episodes, but no doubt they’ll be packed with so much GoT goodness. Season 7 begins July 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

10. Big Brother

In its 19th season, Big Brother is a summer institution and with good reason. It never gets old to see the dynamics of total strangers stuffed in a little house, their varying personalities, the forming of alliances, and those silly challenges. Airing Sundays (8/7c), Wednesdays (8/7c) and Thursdays (9/8c) on CBS, it’s also a great way to fill up your TV viewing schedule.

11. The Real Housewives of Orange County

One thing that never gets tired is the Real Housewives reality shows, with Orange County having kicked off season 12 on July 10 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. These housewives never run out of drama, making it the perfect fix for your summer downtime.

12. Bachelor in Paradise

After all that drama early on in the summer, how could you not tune in to see how it’s all manipulated on screen? With fan favorites returning like Raven Gates and **spoiler alert** Dean Unglert, it’s definitely a must-see this summer. While it was originally slated for an August 8 premiere, it will likely be pushed back about three weeks due to the scandal.

13. Life of Kylie

Yes, it’s another Kardashian/Jenner spinoff, but hey, it’s Kylie Jenner, guys. How can we not watch? Tune in for the Life of Kylie series premiere on August 6 at 9 p.m. on E!. Plus, we really want to see how the Tyga break up and Travis Scott rebound goes down — so hopefully the show is the answer to our prayers.

14. Shadowhunters

For those of us obsessed with The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare, summer means part B of the second season of its TV adaptation. It airs on Mondays on Freeform @ 8 p.m..

15. The Bold Type

Another hit from Freeform — The Bold Type is exactly the summer drama series we need in our lives. The show follows the lives of three friends who work for a women’s magazine called Scarlet in NYC. It’s definitely got that Sex and the City vibe. The Bold Type premiered Tuesday, July 11 at 9 p.m. on Freeform and will keep that timeslot throughout the rest of the summer — so tune in!

16. Friends From College

A stellar cast (including Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Fred Savage, and Kate McKinnon) rounds out Friends From College, a Netflix original series that…no surprise…looks at the reunion of a group of friends from college. See how these Harvard grads get along when they reconnect in NYC, who’s doing what, and their romantic relationships. The first season drops on July 14th.

17. Broad City

Abbi and Ilana are back! You won’t want to miss season 4 of Broad City when it returns to Comedy Central on August 23. The wait until the end of the summer has never been so long…but will be so worth it for that sweet Broad City payoff. Also, RuPaul? We’re so there.

18. Hooten & the Lady

Here’s the ultimate in summer TV viewing perfection: Hooten & the Lady premieres on July 13 at 9 p.m. on The CW and we promise it’s just the show to scratch the action-adventure itch you’ve got. Do opposites attract? Hooten and Lady Alexandra couldn’t be more different, which makes their treasure hunting adventures so much fun!

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