Can you imagine knowing that there are people out there in the world who have a face similar to yours? Apparently, we all have doppelgängers out there, but most of us will never know about them. When someone is a celebrity, their faces are plastered everywhere. It is much easier to figure out who a celebrity’s doppelgänger is. For some of the cast members of Pretty Little Liars, they have multiple doppelgängers.
In fact, each person in the famous Ezria couple seems to have a few look-alikes to their name. If you’ve ever tried to figure out where you thought you’d seen Spencer Hastings’s mom before, once you see her doppelgänger, you’ll totally get it. Which of these celebrity lookalikes do you think is the most accurate?

Janel Parrish – Sofia Carson

Pretty Little Liars Character: Mona Vanderwaal

If Mona ever needed to recruit a sister or a cousin or a secret twin, the PLL executives could have called in Sofia Carson. Sofia and Janel Parrish both have full lips, dark hair, and dark eyes. They might have slightly different shapes to their faces, but they still manage to look very much alike. The PLL alum and Disney Chanel starlet also have nailed down wearing a bold lip very well. We wonder what Sofia would look like in the Radley jumpsuit!

Ian Harding – Corey Cott

Pretty Little Liars Character: Ezra Fitz

Much like his on-screen partner, Ian Harding has not one doppelgänger, but two! The first of Ian’s look-alikes is Broadway star, Corey Cott. Yes, Corey Cott as in the big brother of Casey Cott (Kevin Keller from Riverdale). Casey also looks like Ian, but his brother looks startling like Mr. Fitz. If they had ever wanted to sub in a new hot teacher on Pretty Little Liars, no one really would have noticed the difference between these two. They both have similar jawlines, eyebrows, and cheekbones. All we need for them to become identical is for either Ian to grow facial hair or for Corey to shave his.

Ian Harding – James Marsden

Pretty Little Liars Character: Ezra Fitz

Ian Harding’s second doppelgänger is a famous leading man. James Marsden is very gorgeous, so we hope Ian takes this as a compliment when we say Ian could be James’s younger brother. Though we often didn’t see Mr. Fitz giving a toothy grin the way James does, they still have strikingly similar smiles. On top of that, their facial structure is alike and they style their hair in almost the same exact way. The only major difference is that Ian’s eyes aren’t quite as light blue as James’s baby blues. But they both still serve smoldering lewks!

Keegan Allen – Cody Simpson

Pretty Little Liars Character: Toby Cavanaugh

Was Keegan Allen doing double work, working on a beloved TV show, while secretly moonlighting as a pop heartthrob? Okay, that is probably a stretch, and we can’t imagine he’d dye his hair for all of that, but Keegan and Cody Simpson have the same exact face. They both have unique noses and still, their noses are alike! They both have light eyes, similar cheekbones, and the same slightly crooked jaw. The only glaring differences here is the little dip in Keegan’s chin and their different hair color, but hair color can change. If Cody dyed his hair, they’d basically be twins.

Tyler Blackburn – Johnny Depp

Pretty Little Liars Character: Caleb Rivers

If when Caleb joined PLL and you didn’t start calling him baby Johnny Depp, were you even paying attention? The most obvious similarity between the two is the long hair. But that is not to suggest that every guy with long brown hair looks like Tyler Blackburn or Johnny. Caleb’s character had a bit of grit about him, which again reminds us of Johnny. On top of the same haircut, these two have similar dark eyes and the same rounded chin. Tyler should play Johnny’s younger brother in a movie; we’re practically begging for it Hollywood!

Cody Christian – Dylan Sprayberry

Pretty Little Liars Character: Mike Montgomery

Your eyes are not deceiving you; these two photos are of two different men. Mike Montgomery basically left PLL after the whole Mona debacle, but it was really because Cody Christian went off to be on Teen Wolf, which is where his doppelgänger was at work! Dylan Sprayberry and Cody look like they could be brothers. Surprisingly, these two weren’t even related on Teen Wolf but instead were basically enemies at first. They did eventually learn to get along, because how can you hate anyone who looks just like you?

Torrey DeVitto – Angelina Jolie

Pretty Little Liars Character: Melissa Hastings

The oldest Hastings child wasn’t always around on PLL, but that was probably for the best. The Liars had enough going on, did they really need Melissa hanging around? Actress Torrey DeVitto has probably heard “you know who you look like” plenty of times in her career, but did anyone realize just how much she looks like Angelina Jolie? Their bone structure is very similar, along with their smile and eyes. Like we’ve said, hair can change, but when these two have the same hair color, they really could pass for sisters!

Holly Marie Combs – Alyssa Milano

Pretty Little Liars Character: Ella Montgomery

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, these two played sisters for years on Charmed. So, obviously, an entire TV studio (and the world) thought they looked alike! Holly Marie Combs might have played Alyssa Milano‘s older sister on Charmed, but Alyssa is actually a year older. Thes two can obviously pass off as sisters, due to their dark hair, similar skin complexion, dark eyes, and similar noses. Pretty Little Liars made a mistake not bringing Alyssa onto the show to play Ella’s sister!

Lesley Fera – Mariska Hargitay

Pretty Little Liars Character: Veronica Hastings

The very first episode of Pretty Little Liars, we all realized that Lesly Fera looked familiar. Not that many of us (if any) knew her by name. We all quickly rushed over to Google and IMDB to see what else she’d been in. No, she wasn’t on Law and Order: SVU, that is Mariska Hargitay. Does Mariska know there is someone out there with her face? These two women look like they were separated at birth. There is no stronger doppelgänger pair on this list than them!

Vanessa Ray – Kesha

Pretty Little Liars Character: CeCe Drake

When CeCe Drake first appeared in season two of Pretty Little Liars, we all thought actress Vanessa Ray looked like someone famous. It wasn’t until CeCe resurfaced in the PLL world that it became obvious who her doppelgänger was. She looks just like Kesha! While these two are obviously both blondies, they also have very similar noses, lips, and cheekbones. If PLL had ever needed a musical guest/another secret member of the DiLaurentis family, Kesha could have been their girl. Wouldn’t you love to see Kesha act?

Tammin Sursok – Rachel Bilson

Pretty Little Liars Character: Jenna Marshall

Oh, Jenna, how we hardly realized how much you looked like someone else! We’ll blame it on the fact that Tammin Sursok had to wear those giant glasses since Jenna was blind. Or was she? Either way, when Jenna finally took off the glasses, we realized she had a doppelgänger, who also just so happened to be on a former teen drama, The O.C. It is hard to deny just how much Tammin and Rachel Bilson look alike! If they’d ever needed someone to come in and play Jenna’s older sister, Rachel would have been a perfect choice.

Ashley Benson – Taylor Momsen

Pretty Little Liars Character: Hanna Marin

Taylor Momsen might be very punk rock nowadays, but during her stint on Gossip Girl, she looked a lot like this Pretty Little Liars star. It isn’t just the long blonde hair that makes these two look alike, though it certainly helps. They both have light eyes, an infectious smile, and similar cheeks. Now that both ladies are older, their cheeks aren’t quite as full, but in the first few seasons of GG and PLL, you can really tell just how similar their faces are! If PLL had ever needed someone to come play Hanna Marin’s secret little sister, Taylor should have been their choice.

Troian Bellisario – Rooney Mara

Pretty Little Liars Character: Spencer Hastings

On Pretty Little Liars, Troian Bellisario had her work cut out for her. She had to be an intense, dedicated student one minute, a potential killer the next, and then also got stuck in Radley because she lost her damn mind. If there is any other actress who knows a thing or two about drastic role changes, it is Rooney Mara. Both of these ladies have similar long, straight noses. Their pale complexion, matched with dark hair and darker eyes, makes them easy to mistake for the other. You might want to say Rooney could play Troian’s older sister, but they’re both the same age! Maybe Rooney should have been called in for that twin storyline.

Shay Mitchell – Naya Rivera

Pretty Little Liars Character: Emily Fields

Both Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera have the perfect sunkissed complexion. They have the same full lips and classic smirk, though for Shay that smirk usually doesn’t mean nefarious things, whereas Naya used that smirk on Glee to hint at what Santana was always cooking up. Not only do these tow share similar faces they also are what we call #hairgoals. Seriously, where do they get their hair done? Because we need to switch to that salon ASAP.

Lucy Hale – Sarah Hyland

Pretty Little Liars Character: Aria Montgomery

Lucy Hale doesn’t just have one doppelgänger, our girl has two. Her first lookalike is Sarah Hyland. It has a lot to two with how both of these women look with short, light hair. They are both natural brunettes who’ve gone lighter, just to see who has more fun! When they made the chop, it made it easier for everyone to notice the similarities they each have in their cheeks, eyebrows, and nose. No one’s eyebrow game is quite as strong as Lucy Hale’s but Sarah does a good job of coming in close.

Lucy Hale – Selena Gomez

Pretty Little Liars Character: Aria Montgomery

Everyone first noticed similarities between Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez many years ago, even before Lucy was on PLL. When Lucy had a guest spot on Selena’s show, Wizards of Waverly Place, fans realized the two actresses looked alike. Both ladies have very similar jawlines. When they’re both rocking their natural, dark looks, that helps the similarities in their faces become even more pronounced, though both ladies tend to color their hair around the same time as each other. Maybe they’ve been planning that all along!

Sasha Pieterse – Elle Fanning

Pretty Little Liars Character: Alison DiLaurentis

We’re not trying to suggest that every blonde with blue eyes looks like each other, but it is hard to argue that these two don’t look an awful lot alike. Elle Fanning typically wears her hair straight (if she’s not ready for a movie role) whereas Sasha Pieterse usually has her hair curly. Every girl knows that hair can change your face, so even when these two have completely differently styled hair, they still look like they could be sisters. They both have mastered the “looking at something mysterious off camera” pose down pat.

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