For those of you who have stuck around through the ups and downs of the previous six seasons of American Horror Story on FX, I applaud you. It’s literally the stuff that our nightmares are made of and it’s not always easy-watching. From creepy clowns to school shootings, a pig man, aversion therapy, and abusive nuns, it seems that showrunner Ryan Murphy has already used every trick in the book. Yet, it seems the guy still as some things hidden up his sleeve. During this summer’s San Diego Comic Con (and on Twitter), he’s revealed information that fans have been begging for since AHS: Roanoke wrapped last Fall.

Including the newly-released title, premiere date, a disturbing trailer and plot themes we can expect from season 7 of the hit anthology series, keep reading to seewhat we can expect from American Horror Story‘s next season.

11. The Title: American Horror Story: Cult

A couple days before Ryan announced that Cult would be season 7’s theme, he posted a shocking photo of a person covered in bees to his Instagram as a clue. “Hive mentality,” we get it.

10. The Premiere Date

We only have a little more than six weeks to wait for Cult‘s premiere. The first episode of this season’s official airdate is Tuesday, September 5th.

9. The Setting

Where the season takes place is usually a huge part of what makes each season of American Horror Story have a distinct feel. Ryan confirmed via Twitter that AHS: Cult would be centered in Michigan.

8. How Many Episodes We Can Expect

This season will have more episodes than Roanoke did by one, but less than most American Horror Story seasons of the past did. We know there will be 11 episodes in the 7th season.

7. It Gets Political

While most seasons of American Horror Story have been vaguely political, this upcoming one will put politics at the forefront. Ryan said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, “The season we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election we just went through, so I think that will be interesting for a lot of people.” Trump supporters might want to sit this one out. Many insiders have said that this next season will have references to real-life events that have been occuring throughout our nation during the past year.

6. A Controversial Actress has Joined the Cast

Hot off the press from her last season of Girls, Ryan announced that he’d be working with Lena Dunham for this upcoming season saying that they’d “always wanted to work together.” The show is no newbie to having big-time stars take up roles (hello, Lady Gaga) but many had an adverse reaction to this news. Lena’s controversy stems from a statement in her book in which she recalls moments of her childhood in which she would bribe her sister into sexual encounters. In her own words from Not That Kind of Girl, “anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.”
The writer/actress has also come under fire for having a poor representation of people of color on her HBO show. Basically, there are a lot of people who don’t like her and people are calling out Ryan for choosing to work with her.

5. Some Fan-Favorite AHS Actors Are Back

Despite the fact that the storyline changes from season-to-season, one thing we can usually count on are a couple familiar faces… just playing different characters. This season Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy and Mare Winningham will be back and better than ever! Unfortunately, Gaga has confirmed her schedule prevented her from taking up a spot on Cult.

4. …And Some Other Actors We Know and Love Will Join AHS For the First Time

Billie Lourd from Ryan’s canceled Scream Queens will be joining the Cult, as will MTV Teen Wolf‘s Colton Haynes. Billy Eichner from Parks & Recreation and Billy on the Street also has a role.

3. Some Character Names and Very Brief Deets

Evan’s characters name is Kai and apparently it will be his “heaviest season yet,” so-says Ryan Murphy. This is a bit disturbing considering his dark AF season one role as a sociopathic murderer (with a heart of gold?). We also know Sarah will be playing someone named Ally, which is leaving some disappointed because there were rumors her past character, Lana Winters, would be coming back for season 7.

2. A Seriously Disturbing Former AHS Character Will Make His Return

Although Lana’s not coming back, another well-known character is. Season 4’s Twisty the Clown will be back making it hard for us to fall asleep next fall.
(Sorry that I had to include this GIF.)

1. We’ve got this creepy AF teaser trailer

Well, I’m never sleeping again. BYEEEE.

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