I was barely over the extremely goosebump-inducing first trailer that was released for Mockingjay Part I, and here comes another one already that’s just as creepy / amazing.

They’re doing a really cool format for these teasers, which is framing them as addresses given by President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland. They’re supposedly being broadcast to every resident of Panem, which theoretically includes you and me, since we’re seeing it! He’s appearing on your television set as a helpful reminder that unity is the only option. None of that pesky revolting or branching off stuff, y’hear?

Here were the moments that will legit make a chill race through your body.

  1. Wall-to-wall Peacekeepers is always a scary place to start, particularly because we can’t see their faces.
  2. Oh right and they’re all armed, in case anyone was planning on making a run for it.
  3. Josh Hutcherson is there as Peeta Mellark on President’s Snow’s right side again, but who is it on the left? Did anyone else who’s read the books get super confused wondering if it was Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen standing there?
  4. But nope! It’s Jena Malone as Johanna Mason, and she does not look happy.
  5. Ugh, Josh doesn’t even MOVE during the zoom in. I love it.
  6. …but the way Johanna puts her hand on her waist and is sighing as we get close! I kept wondering if someone was gonna sweep in and drag her out!
  7. TEST TEST. Yessss so they’re having someone break in on this one.
  8. The way it kept switching back and forth from the Rebel Underground to the broadcast was perfectly timed to get your heart racing.
  9. And it cuts off right before Jeffrey Wright as Beetee can say where he’s transmitting from —
  10. — only to have ‘District 13’ come in really clearly before that…sound burst or whatever. Eeeeee! Not sure what to call it, but it was perfect.
  11. And then he comes perfectly into focus for the line ‘The Mockingjay…lives’ before everything cuts out.

Gahhhh I love it so much, it’s perfect. Never change, Mockingjay teasers — just keep on giving me the willies until the full movie comes out on November 21st.

(Image: mockingjaysource)

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